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We can fix blogger blurry images with some tweaks in your theme HTML file. But first, figure out what exactly the reason is? First, backup your template and then apply the blogger default theme. Also, this means you have a problem with your 3rd party template. Follow these steps to troubleshoot this critical issue.

Make sure Google Auto-Enhance is switched off. Even if you turned it off a few months ago, double check as it does sometimes switch back on. Instructions on how to turn it off can be found here. I then noticed tweets and comments on the Blogger forum saying the same thing. I don’t know if anything has changed or if it was just a glitch on Blogger this week but here’s how to fix it. Open the post and switch to the HTML view by clicking on the HTML button below the post title.

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If I remove an individual picture and try to upload it again, it comes out as too large. But, after reducing the size and uploading it the problem is solved. However, it is impractical to do so for EVERY single image. You will most likely face blurry images or blurry thumbnails on the blogger homepage if you’re using a custom or third-party theme. This means you will not face this problem if you have the blogger’s default theme.

Hi, I’ve always found your blog to be helpful whenever I needed to add gadgets, and extras to my html blogger code. The blog cover on my blog is set to be wide and for some reason the image looks blurry no matter what I do. I’m editing the image on Photoshop and doing everything right, at least I think so, and it’s always blurry.

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I’ve previously got around the blurry problem by uploading photos to Flickr, but I’d rather upload them directly. Your blog is using the new way for hosting photos so method 2 or 3 should work for you. I don’t see either currently active in your template. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. I just edited one of my posts, and the picture quality has drastically improved. Always resize your images before uploading to Blogger and choose “Original Size”.

Why blurry thumbnail problems in Blogger

There’s nothing more frustrating than blurry pictures. In my last article about Gaming on Linux the URL of the image i uploaded wasn’t the usual URL of the bp.blogspot.com domain but a new blogger.googleusercontent.com domain. Of course, it’s a temporary solution for people who have the blogger blurry picture problem. If the original blogger uncles find a permanent solution, it will completely solve the problem. However, you will not have any problems with this solution, for the featured image in your article. Causing blogger to get an error like not displaying the article thumbnail properly or if it is see then it see as blurry thumbnail.

In the image URL, you will see something like s320 as in the above example. This attribute sets the quality of the image. Here the number after s represents the width (or resolution/quality) of the image. Just below the image, you will see different options to set its size/quality such as Small, Large, Medium, X-Large and Original Size. Here you have to click on the Original Size option.

The version number 2.1.3 may be different. Having Download Countdown Timer in your template may cause issues and slow down your blogs loading time. If you do have this in your template already then skip to step 2. Once you have done this, your image will not look blurry. You have to follow these steps for every image whose quality you want to improve.

If you use any premium blogger theme then ask to your developer to solve this problem. If you right click on your blog and click view source code/page source, scroll down until you find an image in your blog post, you can see which format your images are. Yours are the older format so the link in step 1 will help you.

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